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Genesis Vortex Genesis Vortex Water Vitalizing System - Restructure & Revitalize with hexagonal

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GENESIS·e·ses (-s z)
The coming into being of something; the origin; creation.

Genesis Vortex Water Revitalizing System

Genesis Vortex Water Vitalizing System
is a water energizing system that is installed in-line with the main incoming water pipe of your home or office. The Genesis Vortex raises the vibration of lifeless tap water, transforming it into liquid energy.

Sitting in a bath is like a visit to a healing mineral spa, leaving you rejuvenated and revitalized. Clothes and linens get cleaner and stay fresher longer: even stale oil based stains come out easier. Dishes rinse with no chemical residues.  As an added bonus, even the water that goes down the drain benefits the environment. The possibilities are endless. This water is alive. It will positively influence your body, mind, and spirit.

You can feel the difference.

As a testimonial to your unit (after 1 year), which I should in hindsight have documented... I grow some orchids in my kitchen window. I had one that bloomed around Thanksgiving, 2012 - and it just lost its flowers last week (7 months later)! Everyone that came over remarked on how long that orchid bloomed, and I have others as well that are still blooming. Most had bloomed the year before, but did not last nearly as long as this.
Allyn O., PhD Candidate. Denver, July, 2013.
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Some potential benefits of using the Genesis Vortex Water Vitalizing System (individual results will vary):
  • Fresh, sweet tasting drinking water
  • Coffee, teas, and other beverages taste richer and smoother
  • Creates clustered or hexagonal water that is easier to digest
  • Invigorating showers and baths with little or no chlorine smell
  • Softer hair and silkier skin
  • Better assimilation of nutrients and better elimination of toxins
  • Helps make water more alkaline
  • Water is softer: less soap needed for bathing, washing clothes and dishes
  • Reduce need for chlorine and chemicals in pools and hot tubs
  • Plant growth is stronger and faster: greener leaves and pests are reduced
  • Plants and trees become more drought tolerant
  • Flowers are more vibrant and sweeter smelling
  • Increase the health of pets and livestock - happier pets
  • Increase life of hot water heater: reduce corrosion and mineral deposits in pipes
  • Reduce odors around toilet and bath from bacteria
  • Enhance aerobic bacterial activity in all septic and sewage systems
  • Erases/cancels any negative thought-forms carried in the water
  • No filters to change, chemicals to add, and lasts a lifetime
  • Helps return ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers to a healthy, living condition

Water is the most basic element for life

Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen combine in a masterful way, helping to create a substance that informs and influences us from conception. But water is much more than just a chemical reaction. It is alive. It is the vehicle of physical life and the life-blood of our planet. Our very existence is very closely connected to the quality and quantity of the water we drink. Even though our bodies are 90% water, we often take it for granted, turning on the tap without thinking about how it got there. Having many more pressing concerns on our minds, hardly a thought is given to what we are drinking or how important water is for our health, vitality, and well-being.

Who developed the concept of the vortex in water?

Victor SchaubergerAround the turn of the 19th century a brilliant Austrian naturalist and scientist named
Victor Schauberger discovered the natural process of water regeneration: the vortex. Mr. Schauberger devoted his life to the study of water and the living energies that it contained. He developed many amazing inventions based on his studies of the vortex or implosion principle of water, including a machine that could levitate. Implosion or the inward, centripetal movement of matter, Schauberger observed, was how molecules of water re-generated energy (literally, creates life again). This is in opposition to an explosive or centrifugal movement of energy that moves outwardly and is destructive or degenerative (literally, takes away life). The vortex or centripetal property was observed in nature as streams and rivers flowed downstream. The natural course of water is to meander and flow around rocks and various obstacles, churning, and creating natural vortices and undercurrents. These vortices, with their inward, Genesis Vortex - Flowing River implosive flow, supercharge the water with oxygen and reestablish a coherent, intelligent crystalline pattern that has been proven to exist and photographed most recently by Japanese water researcher, Dr. Masuru Emoto. (see Emoto’s book Messages in Water)

Author Callum Coats writes in Living Energies that Victor Schauberger frequently asserted: “Water is a living substance!” Formed by the subtle energies called into being through the ‘original’ motion of the Earth, Schauberger saw water itself as the manifestation of even more sublime forces. Mr. Coats writes: “As a living entity, Viktor saw water as the accumulator and transformer of the energies originating from the Earth and the Cosmos, and as such was and is the foundation of all life-processes and the major contributor to the conditions that make life possible.”

In Nature As Teacher, Victor Schauberger shares several of his favorite quotes on water:

“The vast expanse of water - the ocean – is the condensed breath of God, without which all would be but a cold and barren mass of rock. It is a breath that has endowed the Earth with fertility, beauty, and life.”

“In the nature of things, water is the great bestower of energy. It is the most invigorating, and at the same time, the most powerful of all tonics. In this regard, there is nothing else like it in the whole world.”

 All my houseplants love the new water and cut flowers are lasting a bit longer now. The Vortex plants have more tomatoes overall!
Allyn O., Denver. July, 2012

Is the vortex the main thing that makes the difference in the water?

water in natureSo many researchers, when they study the writings of Viktor Schauberger and others, miss the point and end up placing too much emphasis on the vortex. The "vortex" then becomes the holy grail of water treatment. Some manufacturers think just spinning water in a vortex will fully transform it. Others add magnets to the process, which is like hitting the subtle energies with a sledgehammer, and does nothing to inform water. Still others focus primarily on far infrared energy, which is not the answer either, since it is only a narrow band of frequencies - and too much of anything in isolation, all the time, will eventually create an imbalance.

My personal feeling is that the vortex, though very powerful, only provides about 30% of the overall energetic transformational quality to water. It is definitely not just the implosive quality of the vortex that creates the transformation. Water, as it travels in nature, is subject to all sorts of influences: environmental, geomagnetic, ultraviolet, etc., as well as various physical and subtle crystaline energies in the rock & stones. But, it is not a step-by-step process. To create the highest vibrational water, nature uses all of these forces interacting simultaneously with the water as it spins in a vortex. It is never the vortex action alone.

What makes our Genesis Vortex so unique?

That question would take a long time to answer. It has taken us 7 years to perfect our device. We have duplicated as Genesis Vortexmuch of water’s natural vitalization process into the Genesis as possible, while keeping it practical to manufacture and make it affordable. We have carefully incorporated a variety of different quantum elements working cooperatively to synergistically transform your water. We are very happy with the results. The whole is truly greater that the sum of its parts. Copper coils; layers of brass, copper, and silver metals; quantum energy programs; and specially cut stones; all contained within a brass hexagonal tube that is acid etched with the “Flower of Life” - join together in one highly tuned instrument.
I just savored a glass (which I usually just gulp down); there is definitely an added smoothness and sweetness to the Genesis water... my wife has been using water for a week: she told me today that she has more energy, less need to take naps each day and when she does, it is not from the usual feeling of exhaustion ....also, she sleeps better and wakes up less at night!
James L, Feng Shui Master

What is The Genesis Vortex Water Vitalizing System?

The Genesis Vortex Water Vitalizing System is designed to utilize the implosive, creative nature of the vortex to recharge, refortify, restructure, and regenerate your drinking water. The inner copper spiral that creates the vortex is formed to a sacred geometric ratio and plated in silver. The outer brass tube contains a multitude of different elements that have been wholistically incorporated into the design. The result is a unique and powerful system that closely simulates the natural restructuring process happening in nature on the quantum level. The Genesis Vortex super charges your water like no other.

The Biofield Energy Codes

Genesis Vortex - Biofield Energy CodesMatter is created as higher and finer vibrations of energy slow down and condense into physical form. Physical life is an energetic manifestation of a ceaseless and on-going exchange between various degrees of matter on the quantum level and beyond. The character and quality of the energy that eventually becomes what we perceive as the bodily experience is, above all, electromagnetic before stepping down to become biomolecular. We are only perceiving the secondary physical manifestation of a highly complex and synchronous flow of movement from formlessness into form. What we perceive as physical is actually an informational field of energy programmed with specific codes that pertain to the characteristics that eventually become matter.

Utilizing a quantum field analyzer, we are able to infuse the Genesis Vortex with a set of informational field programs that assist in the formation of matter into a more balanced and life affirming way. All Genesis Vortex come programmed with our own proprietary set of Biofield Energy Codes. Thirty-four specific areas are addressed to include: balancing and strengthening bio-polarity, various layers of energy bodies, chakras, 5 elements, and all meridians. It is our belief that these energy codes work with our energy field at a quantum level to support our choice for health and well-being. These energy programs cannot do the work for us, but they may support us along the way.

  I do still love what has been happening with the Vortex System. My hair and skin feel much better. Winter takes its toll here. Even going to Mexico in March, I couldn't hydrate my skin enough to stop the flaking of my legs. With the Genesis Vortex water, now they are much better.
Allyn O., Denver. May, 2012.

The Hexagon and the Flower of Life

The shape of the outer brass tube was chosen because it resembles the crystalline nature of healthy, vibrant, living water: the hexagon. The shape of this tube helps to magnify and concentrate the energies generated by the Genesis Vortex. Author Michael Schneider in A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe calls the hexagon a unified symbol of "structure, function, and order."       

The final element that went into the Genesis Vortex Water Vitalizing System was the choice of the “Flower of Life” to add overall coherence to the function and design. This symbol is acid etched into the brass hexagonal casing for a deeper energetic imprint and durability over time.

As Dr. Masuro Emoto's work
with water clearly illustrates, water is influenced by thought-forms, positive and negative. Writing the word ‘love’ on a bottle of water creates an entirely different, and often dramatically different, water crystal than a water bottle that has ‘hate’ written on it. Water responds in kind to like form or thought.

Genesis Vortex Flower of LifeAccording to teacher, author, and mystic, Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. He says that “within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that are called the Platonic Solids. The Flower of Life symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe.”

In geometric form, the Flower of Life represents wholeness, sacredness, connectedness, union, and freedom. It represents the Universe is its most complete sense. We cannot imagine a better form to in-form the water we drink. In effect, the water that flows through the Genesis Vortex also becomes the Flower of Life, the divine elixir.

Want to learn more about water?
Watch this trailer from the documentary
"Water: The Great Mystery"!

Genesis Vortex Water Vitalizing System

  • Length: 13.3 inches (34 cm)
  • Weight: about 3 pounds (1.5 kg)
  • 1 inch diameter pipe (can be adapted to ¾”, 1”, and 1 ¼” pipes)
  • Type K pipe – 1 ¼” inches OD/outside diameter
  • beautifully hand finished - no two look exactly alike
  • brass hexagonal pipe exterior
  • solid round copper pipe - durable and thick walled 
  • silver plated copper spiral (silver is 99.999% pure)
The Genesis Vortex is solidly built. It is precision engineered and hand finished to our exact specifications using the best copper and brass materials. There is no PVC plastic or lead based solders. The inner copper spiral is formed to a sacred geometric ratio and plated with silver. Silver is an excellent energy conductor and it has anti-bacterial properties. The silver spiral fits tightly inside the copper pipe. There is no wasted water and no wasted energy. Test: Hold the pipe up to the light and look inside. You will not see any light coming from the other side. This is because each of the winding spirals are made to fit uniformly inside the walls of the copper tube. This design increases overall efficiency and insures that all water passing through the pipe is energized.

The Genesis Vortex takes approximately 45 minutes to install. A professional plumber is recommended. The Genesis Vortex can be installed without soldering, using compression fittings (not included), so it can easily be removed if you sold your home. Even renters and apartment dwellers can benefit from this arrangement. Most landlords love the idea of raising the standard of living for their tenants - with no cost to them! 

Please Note: The Genesis Vortex is not a filter. It does not remove bacteria or other contaminants from the water. The Genesis is designed to be used with already drinkable city tap water or treated well water with a pH of around 7 (neutral), but no less than 6.5. It is not to be used with acidic water or salt water. If you use a salt or potassium based water softener, do not use the Genesis Vortex.

If you desire any additional filtering of the water (ie, to remove chlorine or fluoride), we recommend a basic whole house pre-filter to be installed in-line before the Genesis Vortex. These can be puchased at any home supply depots. We use the Vortex by itself, without any additional filtering, and we love it! We are sure you will, too. 

Return Policy:
30 day money back guarantee if in new condition. Buyer pays return shipping with insurance. 10% restocking fee applies. No returns will be accepted once the Genesis unit is installed/used. Contact us before making a return.

10 year warranty that covers functional defects in materials and/or workmanship. Cosmetic defects that may occur over time are not included. This warranty does not cover faulty installation or damage to the unit from misuse, dropping, fire, acts of God, etc.
Tampering with the internal components in any way voids the warranty.

Currently all orders are shipped from our manufacturer in Taiwan by EMS. There are no shipping charges. All orders are shipped insured with a tracking number. Buyer is responsible for customs charges/fees, if any. Please allow 5-10 working days for delivery.

Genesis Vortex

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For questions, contact:
Tim Armantrout
Email: (best way to contact)
or call 919-741-6052 (US Eastern Time)

Disclaimer: The Genesis Vortex is considered an experimental device. No claims are made, expressed, or implied as to its effectiveness. There is no claim that the Genesis will purify your water. As water supplies vary, individual results will also vary. No governmental agency has evaluated the Genesis. The Genesis is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Consult your doctor for the treatment of any illness.

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