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BT7 Bio-Tuner Bio Tuner BT7 - Bob Beck Brain CES for mind, memory, mood, and more. EFT helper.
For an enhanced sense of calmness and well-being...

The BT7 Bio-Tuner is an electronic relaxation system. Micro-current BT7 Bio-Tuner at www.GuardianTrader.comenergy pulses appear to have a profound balancing effect on the individual and tend to produce a state of over-all relaxation and well being. The Bio-Tuner outputs a modified rectilinear waveform with over 500 frequencies in each pulse. The Bio-Tuner has been a leader in electronic relaxation systems since 1983.


BT7 Bio-Tuner at


The BT7 Bio-Tuner outputs a modified rectilinear waveform with over 500 harmonic frequencies in each pulse. Six different user-selectable mode settings are available.

The BT7 offers the following advanced features:

  • Quartz crystal frequency control
  • Advanced microcomputer operation
  • Built-in 20 minute digital timer
  • Custom Headset
  • Very simple intuitive operation
  • A push-button switch to easily change the output to each of the 6 different modes
  • Two of the modes contain the 7.83 Hz Schumann (Earth) frequency
  • Headset and Output Signal Electrical Circuit Verification Indicator
  • Low battery warning light
  • Unit is covered by a 3 year warranty on internal mounted components

The BT7 allows for 6 user-selectable output modes that research shows has varying effects. In all modes, the base frequency of 1,000 Hz pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz is present. This is the "magic frequency" that was found to work where other's failed. This ensures the user will indeed get the expected benefits of the Bio-Tuner, regardless of which mode is selected. The modes can also be looked at as "comfort settings". Due to government regulations, we are not allowed to disclose specifics on the effects that each different mode might produce. Individual results may vary.

The Bio-Tuner features 6 different programs:

1. Deep Relaxation

2. Dynamic (strobes on/off)

3. Meditation (Schumann Resonance) *

4. Deep Relaxation

5. Dynamic (strobes on/off)

6. Meditation (Schumann Resonance) *

Programs 1-3 are used most often. Programs 4-6 are for those sensitive to the electronic stimulation. The effects tend to be cumulative in nature. It is recommended to use the Bio-Tuner for about 3-4 weeks for optimal results. Individual results will vary.

The Bio-Tuner is very lightweight (a few ounces) and operates from a standard 9-Volt Alkaline battery. It is manufactured to the highest standards for the utmost quality and reliable service.

BT7 Bio-Tuner Technical Specifications:   

Maximum <1.5mA Peak ~40 Volts Peak-Peak into typical 4k ohm load. Minimum <~10 microamperes, 10 Volt Peak-Peak at the lowest setting. Output impedance ~20k ohm. Modified rectilinear wave with rapid rise time (under 1uS). There are over 500 harmonic frequencies delivered in each pulse as observed on a frequency domain (not time domain) spectrum analyzer. Base waveform (Mode 1) 1,000 Hz Square wave (+/- 1%) pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz (+/- 1%) Square wave. Waveforms are Microchip Quartz Crystal-Controlled for precise frequency output. There are 6 user-selectable output Modes. 9-Volt DC Alkaline Battery operation, useful to end voltage ~6.2 Volts. Battery drain: minimum ~9mA @ 9 Volts to maximum of 30mA with output fully loaded. Low battery indicator. Low battery circuitry illuminates Red LED light when battery voltage falls below 5.2 Volts. Output is disabled when low battery condition is present. Auto-shutoff time of 20 minutes. Controlled digitally. Pulses are Bi-Phasic (AC) with no DC or offset bias. Output is transformer coupled so that no direct current can appear at electrodes. The algebraic sum of positive and negative-going pulses is zero. This obviates any possibility of electrolysis, ion migration, or polarization.

The BT7 Bio-Tuner comes complete with:

  • Operating Instructions
  • One (1) set of ear clips NEW!
  • One (1) Arm Band
  • One (1) 9-Volt Battery
  • One (1) Soft Carrying Case
  • Three (3) Year Parts and Labor Warranty on all internally mounted components  

The Bio-Tuner recommended treatment time is 20 minutes, 1-2 times per day for 30 days, then as necessary. Individual results vary, so feel free to experiment with what works for you. For your convenience, the operating manual is available for download by clicking here.

To Purchase the BT-7:
The BT7 Bio-Tuner is being offered here for $225.00 plus shipping. Orders are processed by the manufacturer, Sota Instruments. Get 10% off your order by using coupon code CA50081. Click 
here to place an order or go to Also be sure to check out the Silver Pulser, a great colloidal silver maker and Hulda Clark zapper!

Personally, I love this device! I have found the BT7 to be very helpful in a variety of ways, particularly when used in conjunction with EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. The combination of tapping the points and positive visualization while using the Bio-Tuner has been very helpful for alleviating stress. If there is something causing me stress, I put on the Bio-Tuner and tap gently at the outside corners of the eyes, on the bone, while imagining the stressful situation. Many times my stress level has dropped significantly. (NOTE: It is ALWAYS advised that you consult your holistic doctor or suitable licensed health professional for treatment of any serious disease or condition.)

SHIPPING: Standard US shipping takes about 5-8 business days. Transit times vary with location. Items are shipped direct from the manufacturer in two packages: The earclips are sometimes shipped separately from the BT7 unit and may arrive 1-3 days later. Shipping is approximately (depending on country) $30.00 for airmail from Canada.

RETURNS: Thirty (30) Day Money-Back Guarantee, minus a 20% restocking fee. Customer agrees to pay return shipping plus insurance. All original packaging and materials must be included. Contact Sota Instruments for return authorization.

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The opinions stated are the views of GuardianTrader and do not represent the opinion of SOTA Instruments. The SOTA units are consumer products designed for relaxation, well-being and to complement a healthy lifestyle. The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units, has not been approved by any government agency. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition. Results are not typical.

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